The Talk School Model is Comprehensive 

When the need arises, Talk School's professional staff may refer students for outside therapies, such as listening therapies or treatment by a developmental ophthalmologist.

We also encourage parents to be attentive to and seek diagnosis and treatment of concomitant medical conditions that may be masked by the primary diagnosis. For example, gastro-intestinal problems are common in this population and may cause chronic pain that a child can neither identify nor verbalize. Obviously, a child in constant pain is unlikely to be a model student. Allergies, silent infections, treatable sleep disorders, medication toxicities and many other conditions can all go unnoticed and/or untreated and exacerbate a child's learning difficulties. The free-flow of information between parents and staff is critical to ensuring the basic wellness necessary for learning and development.

Finally, we require parents to be our partners in their child's therapeutic program. Just as we create no artificial distinctions between therapeutics and education, neither do we draw lines between home and school. Parents receive training and ongoing mentoring in all our modalities and are expected to implement a home program.


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