The Talk School Model provides a complete, integrated, therapeutic and educational model.

At the Talk School there are no artificial distinctions between clinical therapeutics and education. Each child comes to us with their own distinct set of inter-related neurological deficits that, when viewed as a whole, are given a diagnostic label such as autism spectrum disorder. Since autism and the other diagnoses our students bear are not monolithic disorders, a mono-therapeutic approach to intervention does little to address their needs providing, in our view, a crutch or a band-aid, but no real relief. 

In practical terms, to inadequately or incompletely address the core deficits in these students impedes their progress, caps their potential, results in un-even development and increases the likelihood that they will continue to require services for the rest of their lives. For this reason, Talk School's therapeutic model synthesizes complementary modalities into a complete, individualized, and fully integrated approach to special education. 

The students at Talk School receive intensive speech and language therapy to amplify the effectiveness of our systematic language curriculum called the Association Method. Students also benefit from occupational therapy with a sensory integration approach. These educational and therapeutic methods are used in the context of a relationship-based approach to social and emotional development.


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