TALK Institute and School is one of a kind- no other school in Pennsylvania is like it.

TALK is the only full-day, eleven-month academic program for students with severe speech/language and autism spectrum disorders in the entire state of Pennsylvania.  Consequently, we are committed to growth and expansion- both in our physical size, as well as further investment in researching our outstanding and unique methods.

As teachers, therapists and researchers we are at the forefront of a new, more accurate and person-centered understanding of autism - one that presents autism as a sensory-based movement disorder profoundly affecting language, social interaction and praxis.  

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TheraVox is a wonderful computer-based biofeedback program used to help children with their articulation, motor speech production, and voice. Our kids think they're getting to play fun computer games, but they're really getting biofeedback, and learning to work on important speech elements like voicing/voice onset, loudness, articulation/coarticulation and prosody.

Each child's voice is transformed into real time graphics and they receive visual feedback for qualitative and quantitative attributes of their voice, which is of crucial importance for enhancing self-monitoring skills within the context of speech therapy.

This speech therapy tool is amazing for OUR students!

Change Pitch with Visual Feedback

Change Pitch with Visual Feedback

          Play Biofeedback Games

          Play Biofeedback Games

        Receive Feedback on Volume

        Receive Feedback on Volume

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Our Story

Words are at the center of our lives, we think with them, we learn with them and we form relationships with them.”
— Melinda Kotler, 2017